Whether it is existing Actors or the new, the directors hunt always for those who fit into the character what they imagine. CCC portrays your profile along with your Portfolio & Video Demo and Reminds them about your capabilities.


The primary intention of CCC is to provide service to the Producers,which indeed is the service to the Film Industry.
CCC aims at protecting the producer's interest by providing them the perfect information and supporting them at all the stages of Film Making.


Though Face of every Film are the Actors... The Base Strength is always - the Technicians.
If you are support staff and looking for opportunities, this is the place to be.

Film Promotion

Be it a Short Film or Smart film, CCC is associated with the various Media Segments like Face book, You tube, Radio Channels, Print and Audio Visual Media etc, with which CCC can connect them into the market in the most marketable manner.


With the set-up of Multiplex Theaters, The Single Screen Theaters started sensing silence.
By registering with CCC, We can help connecting the Buyers, Distributors & the Exhibitors directly with the Producers and strike a sensible balance in screening the Cinema.

Brand Promotion

Products having a brand image are in search of crowd viewing platforms, and what is better than a cinema for such a place.
Our registered producers can be made to tie with the registered brands, so that, the purpose of both Branding & funding are happily met.

Equipment / Facilities

Be it an Artiste's wig or an Artistic Mug
King's Cot or Poor man's Pot Cars or Cameras Animals or Articles
Whatever are the Facilities or Properties one can provide, They will be Presented in CCC Portal.
Depending on the story of the Film, Makers may choose, the required tools.


One may need a Guest House, One may need a Ghost House, One may need an office Floor & One may need a Market store. it is all about the scene which demands, Whether local or global.
The interested owners may lend on Rent & the Industry Crew will drop their Tent.


You want to call the shots and be captain of ship, subscribe to showcase your talent.

Music Director

You can play with tunes and create rhythms. Here is place to get in.


You can capture the frames with picture perfect, subsribe for great career.


You have tons of ideas that turn to stories that can be captured in frames, get in to get a break.


You can cut the raw to finished product. Subscribe here to make a start.

Art Director

You can envision a set and create it as per need. Show your talent and get a foot into industry

Dubbing Artist

You are Shamitabh of the world, with your voice you make screen presence. Subscribe for better opportunities.


You have creativity and technical prowess, get in to showcase your capabilities.